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Our Partnership with Noise Abatement Society

Quiet Mark is the international award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charity.

The NAS was founded in 1959 by John Connell OBE, who then lobbied the Noise Abatement Act through Parliament in 1960 when noise became a statutory nuisance for the first time in the UK. Quiet Mark was co-founded in 2012 and led today by Gloria Elliot OBE and Poppy Szkiler, who are daughter and grand-daughter of John Connell.

Excessive, unwanted noise has a profoundly negative affect on physical and mental health, productivity, ability to learn and quality of life. World Health Organisation research shows that noise pollution is the second most detrimental factor to harm wellbeing and mental health after air pollution. NAS’ aim is to share a better understanding of what sound is, what it does to us and how we can solve noise problems in a pragmatic and sustainable way.

NAS consults with academics and scientists to identify the issues and research possible solutions. It engages with Government and Local Authorities to amend policy to effect swifter change. It encourages Industry to prioritise low-noise at the design stage. The NAS cannot change the human condition, but through its innovative programmes and pioneering research, NAS can offer practical ways to support those who wish to exercise choice in an otherwise noisy world.

Today Gloria, Poppy and the NAS and Quiet Mark teams continue to work closely with Government and Industry, championing noise reduction solutions that support the NAS charitable remit to improve the aural environment now, and for the generations to come.

John Connell OBE Noise Abatement Society Founder

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