LG GMJ844PZKV Door-in-Door™ Fridge Freezer with Door Cooling™ (NatureFRESH)

  • Experience less waste, more taste with the LG GMJ844PZKV multi-door fridge freezer.  Store more food than ever thanks to the new slim frame design and flexible folding shelves that give unparalleled storage convenience, while the NatureFresh technology and Door-in-Door™ access maintains a constant temperature to delight your senses with fresher food.

  • Exterior Design Features:

    • Shiny Steel
    • Door-in-Door
    • Touch display
    • Pocket handle

    Refrigerator Compartment Features: 

    • Pure n Fresh
    • DoorCooling+
    • Linear Cooling

    Freezer Compartment Features:

    • LED Lighting
    • Smart
    • Wi-Fi (Deep Learning)



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