BuzziSpace BuzziGrip Acoustic Panel with Suction Cups

  • No more paper trails laying around the floor. Keep your life organized with this sound-absorbing memo board with suction cups, allowing for easy attachment to cupboards or windows.

    Apart from acoustic features, the dual layer of BuzziFelt has a tackable surface, so you can clean your desk and gather your thoughts in one place, pinning up notes and memos.

    A visual and acoustic shield. Create privacy between glass partitions or darken your windows thanks to the suction cups on the back while absorbing unwanted sounds, so you can better focus.

    • Design by Sas Adriaenssens
    • 2 layers of BuzziFelt stitched together
    • Suction cups
    • Min. W 40 cm | 15.75” H 40 cm | 15.75“
    • Max. W 120 cm | 47.24” H 200 cm | 78.74”
    • Dry usage
    • Technical info: BuzziGrip is made of 100% recycled PET bottles and has excellent acoustic characteristics. Slight variation can occur in color, size, and density as a result of the nature of the product. For an optimal match, we advise products that are in each other’s vicinity, originate from the same order/ batch.
    • Use:
      • For vertical use only
      • Please note that the suction cups will not adhere to modifed glass, frosted, sandblasted, etched,... glass
      • To prevent detachment or gliding of the suction cups on the window, make sure there is no detergent, chalk, mineral or any kind of dry residue left on the cups or the glass after cleaning. To remove dry residue, clean the cups and window with vinegar water or osmose water (demineralized water).



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