NSAuk TFRDC-50RC Rechargeable Column Fan

  • Versatile and stunning in both features & design, this elegant Rechargeable Tower Fan w. DC Motor & Remote Control is ideal for any location - home or office. It combines stylish good looks with exceptional cooling performance, quiet operation and is packed with useful features. The DC motor ensures the latest energy saving efficiencies significantly reducing running costs compared to traditional fans.

    The intelligent timer feature allows you to program ‘Time ON’ & ‘Time OFF’ and speed of air flow is easily controlled by a swirl dial on the top of the fan. Aroma oils can be used via the aroma box where drops of essential oils can be added to the lint drawer for a subtle, delicate aroma.

    Various modes allow you to select exactly what type of cooling you require; from a gentle breeze effect or a powerful continuous movement of the surrounding air.

    The revolutionary rechargeable feature is when this fan comes into its own by allowing the ultimate in versatility. 

    • Rechargeable Battery 2-8hrs of Cordless Use (mid/low speeds)
    • Can even be used outside if required (not IPX)
    • DC Energy saving motor
    • Integrated Carry Handle
    • Electronic Controls w. ultra cool ‘Dial’ & LED screen
    • Remote Control w. storage port
    • Oscillation
    • Sleep Wind Modes
    • 24 speed options
    • 15 hour timer"

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