Dyson Pure Cool™ DP04 Purifying Desk Fan

  • To purify a whole family room properly, the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan goes beyond standard test conditions,¹ by also automatically sensing particles and gases, capturing 99.95% of ultrafine particles, and projecting and circulating purified air using Air Multiplier™ technology.² Only the Dyson purifying fan is designed and tested to do all of this.

    ¹ The AHAM AC1-2015 standard defines purifier performance in a specified test chamber, based only on cleaning efficiency rates.  

    ² Tested for filtration efficiency (EN1822) at 0.1 microns and whole room coverage (TM-003711 & DTM801) in a 27m² room.

    • Senses pollutants in real time. Automatically detects & reports air quality levels in real time.
    • Captures pollutants with 360° Sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters.
    • Projects powerful airflow Air Multiplier™ technology.
    • Intelligent reporting automatically senses, captures and projects – then reports to your Dyson Link app.
    • Oscillates up to 350°. Adjustable oscillation angle from 45° to 350°.
    • Purifies all year round and cools you in summer.
    • Draught-free diffused mode purifies without the draught.
    • Quick & easy filter changing. Low maintenance, easily changeable filters. Built-in notification when they require replacing.
    • Night-time mode. Monitors and purifies using its quietest settings, with a dimmed display.
    • Remote control. Curved and magnetised to store neatly on top of the machine. Voice control.
    • 2 year guarantee.
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