Kärcher FC 5 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

  • Now you can have a high quality clean and brilliant shine in one easy step. Unlike most hard floor cleaners, the FC 5's microfiber rollers make constant, direct contact with your floors giving them a deep clean and brilliant shine. Clean water is constantly applied to the front of the rollers while dirt and light debris is removed from the back of the rollers into a separate waste water tank, leaving your floors dry in just 2 mins. Perfect edge cleaning allows you to easily clean right up against baseboards or cabinets. Automatically-driven rollers, swivel head and low profile make cleaning effortless. The included cleaning station can be used to store the FC 5 or clean the rollers. Rollers can also be placed in the washing machine or dishwasher for easy cleaning with no dirt contact. The FC 5 comes with a generous 3 year warranty.


    • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery offers up to 20 minutes of cleaning time
    • Mop and suction away light debris in one step
    • Dual-tank system ensures you are always cleaning with fresh water
    • Perfect edge cleaning – even underneath cabinets
    • Floors dry in two minutes or less
    • Automatically-driven rollers rotate at 500 RPM, providing a deep, non-abrasive clean
    • Flexible head allows for easy maneuverability around furniture
    • High quality microfiber rollers are machine/dishwasher washable
    • Self cleaning base
    • Designed in Germany. Made in Italy.
    • Product Code / SKU: 1.055-606.0

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