NOX SOUNDPROTEC⁺ ECOLAY⁺ Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

  • SOUNDPROTEC⁺ ECOLAY⁺ is NOX’s loose lay LVT with heightened acoustical performance.

    SOUNDPROTEC⁺ ECOLAY⁺ ensures superior dimensional stability. This is possible because instead of simply attaching a pad to the back of the tile, NOX fully utilizes its IVP (Integrated Vertical Production) System and EMT™ Core technology to adjust each layer and its properties, in order to enhance sound absorption without risking dimensional stability. SOUNDPROTEC⁺ ECOLAY⁺ also offers enhanced durability with a densely compact structure that has lifetime peel resistance. To lower environmental impact, this product is completely recyclable.


    • Better acoustics with superior dimensional stability: High impact sound reduction with unique multi-layered structure based on NOX EMT™ Core technology
    • Enhanced durability: Densely compact structure ensures lifetime peel resistance
    • Minimal residual indentation: Faster indentation recovery
    • Complete recycling scheme: Committed to making low environmental impact
    • Certified low VOCs and non-phthalate
    • Suitable for heated floor
    • Easy to install, replace, and remove

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