Miele WWH860 W1 Front-Loading Washing Machine

Miele WWH860 W1 Front-Loading Washing Machine
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W1 features the first and Miele exclusive two-phase automatic detergent dispensing system, called TwinDos.  Each phase dispenses the proper amount of liquid based on load size, type of fabric and programmed level of soiling and staining.  

Another industry first is CapDos, a one-time use capsule that adds special fabric care detergent to certain garments. including sport, outdoor, down, wool, and silk.  

Additionally, using the Miele developed ‘spin and spray’ technology, the new QuickIntensWash program proves that a regular load of laundry can be washed in under 60 minutes with perfect results.
  • There's no faster way to wash –  QuickIntenseWash
  • Two-phase automatic detergent dispensing system - TwinDos
  • Portioned capsules for special laundry needs – Capsule dispensing
  • Ironing made simple thanks to pre-ironing
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified