AC5659/40 Philips Air Purifier Series 5000(i) AC5659/40 Purifier
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Philips Air Purifier Series 5000(i)
Philips Air Purifier Series 5000(i) AC5655; AC5659; AC5660

Series 5000(i) successfully cleans your room instantly so that you can enjoy clean air always, while at the same time showing real-time feedback on pollutants detected to visualise the air quality improvement on particles (PM2.5), allergens, and harmful gases. In this way you can be reassured that no matter how polluted it is outside, you are safe at home.

  • Removes 99.97% of 0.003um particles, 800 times smaller than PM2.5
  • Full picture of indoor air quality: PM2.5/Allergen/GAS
  • Optimised purification system with 3 auto modes: Pollution, Formaldehyde & Allergen
  • Unique Dual air flow system maximises performance while minimising noise
  • Track, monitor and control your indoor air via app anywhere anytime
  • One of the quietest in the category