FC8780; FC8781; FC8782; FC8783; FC8784; FC8785; FC8786 Philips Performer Silent Vacuum Cleaner
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The new Performer Silent vacuum cleaner from Philips is designed for maximum performance with minimum sound. 

At only 66 dB, Performer Silent is our quietest vacuum cleaner ever. The vacuum cleaner features optimized air channels, noise buffers and a silent motor, so you can vacuum anytime in silence, without disturbing anyone else in your home.

The product also features advanced nozzle technology to capture dirt and fine dust thoroughly, picking up >99.99% of dust and allergens. The high performance with low energy consumption earns the product an A+ energy efficiency class according to the EU energy label.

  • Silent vacuuming at 66 dB
  • A+ energy efficiency class, for high performance with low consumption
  • TriActive Pro nozzle picks-up thorough dirt on all floor types 
  • Additional Parquet nozzle protects floors from scratching
  • Allergy filter captures >99.99% of dust and allergens - ECARF certified
  • Original s-bag dust bag with sealing mechanism for hygienic disposal
  • Long 12-meter reach goes further without unplugging
  • Made in Europe, for quality you can trust