Whirlpool Supreme Care

FSCR 90420 Whirlpool Supreme Care (Energy Efficiency Class A+++)
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Boasting new ZenTechnology™ the energy saving Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machines work extremely quietly. The loudest part of any wash programme is the spin cycle; with the new ZenTechnology™ spinning reaches just 68 dB(A), thanks to Whirlpool’s revolutionary induction motor. There is minimum vibration and maximum quietness that means consumers can ‘live’ with their washer in the kitchen, and even run the washing machine overnight, in complete confidence that a late night wash won’t disturb their sleep.

  • ZenTechnology™ for maximum quietness
  • 6th Sense® for up to 50% resource saving
  • 9 kg capacity; saves time and money
  • A+++(-20%) energy rating
  • SoftMove™ for the finest garment care
  • FreshCare™ maintains garment freshness at programme end
  • Maximum spin speed on cottons 1400 rpm
  • Matching tumble dryer available