Yamaha Brass

SB7-9 Yamaha Brass
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Yamaha’s Silent Brass System offers the advantage of practicing or playing at times, and in places you couldn’t before. And offers privacy for those a bit timid about having others hear their not so perfect notes. Simply plug in earphones to hear yourself in your own personal performance environment. The internal electronics can also enhance the sound digitally, to mimic the acoustics of a larger room. You can play along with your favourite pre-recorded music by plugging in a CD player and use the output jack to connect to an external amplifier or recorder to share your music with others. The secret of the system, is that you can hear your playing at a normal volume –though others hear only a whisper-thus eliminating the resistance from over-blowing which characterizes most other practice mutes. *Trumpet not included. 

  • Practice in privacy with earphones
  • Internal electrics enhance sound
  • Play along with pre-recorded music