Ecophon Gedina Modular Ceilings

Ecophon Gedina Modular Ceilings featured image
  • For applications where a standard suspended ceiling system is required, but where strict functional requirements are needed. The systems consist of Ecophon Gedina™ tiles and Connect™ grid systems, with an approximate weight of 2,5 kg/m². The tiles are manufactured from high density glass wool. The visible surface has an Akutex™ T coating and the back of the tile is covered with glass tissue. The grid is manufactured from galvanized steel.

    Ecophon Gedina™ A has an exposed grid. Ecophon Gedina™ A can be supplied with primed edges or natural edges.

    Ecophon Gedina™ E has a recessed visible grid and a tegular edge design, creating a ceiling with a shadow effect that accentuates each tile and partially conceals the grid system. The visible surface of each tile is 7 mm below the grid. 

    • Fully recyclable.
    • The glass wool core of the tiles is tested and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182.
    • Class C, relative humidity 95% and 30°C, according to EN 13964:2014
    • White 500, nearest NCS colour sample S 0500-N, 84% light reflectance.
    • Daily dusting and vacuum cleaning. Weekly wet wiping.
    • Each tile is easily demountable. 
    • For best performance and system quality, use Connect™ grid and accessories. 

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