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Our Partnership with Good Housekeeping Institute UK

The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI),  one of the UK’s most trusted and respected brands, joined Quiet Mark’s initiative in 2016 to take a closer look at sound quality. Established in 1924, the GHI has built its reputation on testing and reviewing thousands of products to help consumers in their buying decisions. Its team of experts assess products based on how they would be used at home, taking into account performance, ease of use, design and instructions to gain a full comprehensive review.

Historically GHI has always measured the decibel level of products, the partnership with Quiet Mark has brought the noise levels of the product to the forefront.  Every month, the GHI sends its recently tested products to the Quiet Mark lab for testing nearby in London. The  data is analysed and results presented in a simple 3-star rating scale which appears in all GHI product reviews, from washing machines and tumble dryers to hairdryers and lawnmowers.

If the product is deemed ‘quiet’ it means it has been found to be quieter than most in this category and these products are awarded 3 stars. Products deemed 'loud' are awarded only 1 star. Through this scientific testing assessment GHI identifies the quietest products in a given category, to  encourage designers and manufacturers to reduce sound levels in their next generation of products to support health and wellbeing. This addition to the testing protocols enhances GHI’s product reviews with relevant help on noise levels of consumer technology.

Poppy Szkiler, managing director of Quiet Mark, says, 'For the first time, we not only offer consumers a valuable noise output reference on the product they are researching, but also real insight into impact of that sound, and whether it's likely to be disruptive when they use it in their home.'

Patricia Schofield, GHI Director, said she hoped that 'this new sound-based consumer test will encourage manufacturers to develop more quieter appliances at an affordable price.'

At Quiet Mark, we only give accreditation to products which are superbly quiet and are excellent in function. On the Good Housekeeping website, just look out for models which score highly and display all 3 Stars from Quiet Mark for the perfect combination.