Find Your Quiet with LG Kitchen Appliances worth £4,000

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Our Partnership with Lakeland

Quiet Mark has an exciting new partnership with Lakeland, designed to help their customers find the quietest appliances for their homes.

As one of the UK's home shopping pioneers with over 50 years of experience, Lakeland offer a fantastic collection of creative kitchenware, cleaning and laundry solutions both online and in store. This includes a wide range of appliances, both from top brands and developed by Lakeland themselves to make household tasks just that little bit easier. 

Where customers are concerned about noise levels inside their home, being able to guide them towards appliances that perform just as well as others in the same category, but that will achieve their goal of a quieter home, is really important to Lakeland – that’s why they’re delighted to have teamed up with Quiet Mark. Philippa Simons, Lakeland’s Head of Buying, says:

‘In a world that seems to constantly move at a faster pace with increased demands upon us all, we recognise that everything we can do to help our customers keep their homes as calm and peaceful as possible is appreciated. As such, it’s important that our customers are able to easily identify the products that won’t add unnecessary noise to their homes, helping them to make informed decisions about the appliances they purchase. The Quiet Mark award does exactly this, rewarding the products that work exceptionally well and are especially quiet, so that the tranquil sanctuaries we call home remain just that.’

Look out for appliances with the Quiet Mark award in any of Lakeland’s stores and on their website, or visit their blog to find out more about our partnership.