Oclean X Pro Elite Electric Toothbrush

  • Enlighten your brushing routine with the X Pro Elite’s dedication to premium oral care. With its colour touchscreen, you can tailor your oral health routine to achieve that bolder smile. Simply touch the screen to activate its auto-wake feature, and from there, you can set brush duration, intensity, mode, and more. A post-brushing dental report will show exactly how to improve technique and spots missed with its built-in sensor. Utilizing these options, alongside the oscillating and rotating action of Dupont Diamond Bristles, the X Pro Elite aims to reduce plaque by up to 99% whilst strengthening teeth and gums. Bring it all to life with its wireless quick-charging, where its impressive battery can support consistent daily use for up to 35 days.

    With its sleek design, the X Pro Elite really is the whole package. So, embrace innovation. Embrace the next generation toothbrush.


    • Interactive colour touchscreen: set mode, duration, intensity and more
    • Dupont Diamond Bristles
    • Post-brushing report
    • 35 days long battery life
    • Built-in sensor: protection against excessive brushing
    • Up to 42,000 RPM for a more effective clean
    • Personalized brushing experience
    • Sleek and attractive design
    • Superior charging / wireless quick charging
    • WhisperClean Ultrasonic Active Noise Reduction

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