Sound Measurement

Quiet Mark has partnered with a range of experts within the field of acoustic analysis, product testing and some of the most prominent minds in psychoacoustics:

  • Sonic Oasis is an acoustic consultancy at the forefront of developments in the field of acoustics and sound. Sonic Oasis are powered by Anderson Acoustics, and ANC verified consultancy.
  • HEAD Acoustics is the pioneer behind the artificial head technology, a new way of testing which helps discover the quality of a sound, rather than using decibels alone.
  • The Good Housekeeping Institute is one of the UK’s most trusted and respected names and is responsible for testing and reviewing thousands of products for the benefit of its readers.

Our testing process is rigorous and requires the co-operation of all three of our partners. Each product is tested in the context of the real life environment where possible to try to reflect the end-use scenario. Kettles, blenders or coffee machines are tested in a kitchen, whilst vacuum cleaners will be assessed when being used on a range of different surfaces.

Each test involves carefully positioning a range of microphones and an artificial head system around the product under review to capture the sound output. The product is then put through a series of tests to capture data on features, cycles, functionality – to ensure all aspects of the in-use cycle are captured.

As advancements in acoustic design are constantly being made, in part due to the presence of the Quiet Mark scheme, each product category is re-evaluated annually to continually raise the bar for acoustic design.