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NOX Acoustic Setagrip Micro Suction Adhesion Flooring

  • Innovative adhesion technology for flooring, providing easy and strong installation

    Acoustic Setagrip provides Micro suction adhesion installation technology that eases all stages of installation, reduces cost and time, provides acoustic function and guarantees superior flooring performance afterwards. With millions of microscopic suction cups, it securely adheres any object to a flat, non-porous surface for minimal disruptions, easy installation and immediate use.

    • SETAGRIP technology: a patented micro-suction backing provides easy and strong installation. It uses vacuum pressure with millions of microscopic suction cups to securely adhere any object to a flat, non-porous surface.
    • The process has been simplified so that installations are fast, easy, ready for immediate use with zero noise, dust, and odours.
    • You can change and create your own space easily without the risk of installation failure. No power tools are required.
    • Environmentally friendly & easier installation and maintenance
    • No additional glue needed and easy to remove & replace
    • Telegraph & moisture resistant
    • Excellent acoustics performance
    • Various design options


Sound Made Simple

Acoustics Academy’s Sound Made Simple guide clarifies complex acoustic terminology with insights to design with sound.