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NOX LVS⁺ Luxury Vinyl Sheet Flooring

  • NOX LVS+ is the unprecedented luxury vinyl sheet flooring that offers ultra-premium functions. Its stability and durability are top-notch since NOX’s unique multi-layer structure technology, EMT™ Core, secures superior dimensional stability.

    The product is exclusively formulated by consolidating two technologies, NOX’s SOUNDPROTEC™ and EMT™ Core, in order to achieve noise reduction and this structure also offers the best softness underfoot: NOX LVS+ is the first and the only flooring in South Korea certified by Quiet Mark.

    In addition, the innovative coating technology, EPT™ (Eco-Pro-Tec) Shield, makes NOX LVS+ differentiated from others. EPT™ Shield is more hygienic, cleaner anti-mould that prevents mould propagation and secures strong scratch-resistance, stain-resistance and slip-resistance: slip-resistance function of NOX LVS+ is 1.5 times better than laminate flooring. By applying stereoscopic Embossed-in-Register (EIR), NOX LVS+ delivers more realistic designs.

    • Superior dimensional stability with EMT™ Core and fiberglass stabilization layer
    • The exclusive noise-absorption formulation with EMT™ Core and SOUNDPROTEC™
    • Strong scratch-resistance and stain-resistance with EPT™ Shield coating technology  
    • Transparent matt coating maximizes precision in design
    • Exceptional anti-slip to ensure safety from slip and fall hazards
    • Green seal flooring with eco-friendly plasticizer
    • More hygienic, cleaner anti-mould flooring that prevents mould propagation
    • More realistic, stereoscopic Embossed-in-Register
    • More natural and hardwood-texture with “Grande Design”
    • Easy maintenance by eliminating potential for debris out of joints


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