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Acoustic Academy

Rockfon Blanka® Acoustic Suspended Ceiling

  • Rockfon Blanka acoustic ceiling tiles have a smooth, matt, bright white surface resulting in high light reflection and light diffusion. They’re specially engineered to create a noticeably brighter and more comfortable indoor environment, while contributing to energy savings. 

    The high light reflection properties pushes sunlight deeper into every corner, and saves on electricity usage. Not only does this boost the productivity and wellbeing of the occupants, it also allows you to showcase the special details of the interior architecture design.


    • Acoustic ceiling tile with a smooth, deep, matt, super-white surface
    • High light reflection and light diffusion maximises natural light 
    • Creates a noticeably brighter environment
    • Surface has an anti-static coating, resistant to dirt and dust
    • Class A sound absorption
    • Fire safety: A1 non-combustible
    • Available in multiple sizes and edges
    • Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Silver and Bronze



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