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Rockfon Color-all® Acoustic Suspended Ceiling

  • Create standout, modern designs with the Rockfon Color-all® collection. Rockfon Color-all is a versatile acoustic ceiling solution that comes in 34 exclusive colours, everything from subtle to bold long lasting colours. The collection gives total design freedom by offering bespoke colours for both ceiling tile and grid.

    We know that colours can affect everything from mood to concentration. The use of colours in interior design is therefore important not only for the aesthetic point of view but also for our well-being, comfort, and energy in any space. Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles presents ceiling solutions in contemporary colours, curated by experts for today’s nature-inspired design and wellness trends.


    • Acoustic ceiling tile in 34 standard contemporary colours
    • Bespoke colours available for both tile and grid
    • Includes charcoal for cinemas, theatres and other projects 
    • Matching grid available for a flawless finish
    • Class A sound absorption
    • Fire safety: most colours A1 non-combustible
    • Available in multiple edges and sizes 
    • Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Silver and Bronze



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