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Acoustic Academy

BuzziSpace BuzziLand Acoustic Panels

  • In open spaces, we share many things, also the echo and noise that occupy the room. This acoustic panel helps to dampen unwanted sounds, so you can discover more.

    Available in different shapes, sizes, fabrics and various 3D patterns to suit any modern residential or commercial space. Built with high-performance, sound-absorbing materials to provide sound control whether ceiling-suspended or wall-mounted.

    The soft edges diffuse sounds while the structural body, made from absorbing materials, delivers excellent acoustic performance. With its high density, this solution works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones.

    • BuzziLand Shape: Oval, Round
    • Pattern:
      • Oval: Flat, Rib
      • Round: Flat, 3D Rib, 3D Drop, 3D
    • Leaf Fixing: Wall | Pendant
    • Core: Honeycomb cardboard
    • Filling: Acoustic foam
    • Upholstery: Fabric Back: Black textile
    • Fixation: wall mounted | ceiling pendant
    • Fixing System: Screw or Magnet
    • Black or Alu cables 2 - 5 m | 78.74” - 196.85”
    • If installing on suspended ceiling, verify load capacity prior to installation


Sound Made Simple

Acoustics Academy’s Sound Made Simple guide clarifies complex acoustic terminology with insights to design with sound.