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BuzziSpace BuzziPleat LED Acoustic Pendant Lighting

  • Remarkable craftsmanship generates these large architectural folds that maximize surface and deliver exceptional acoustic performance. The dimmable warm light gives BuzziPleat LED an even greater sense of depth. The traditional craft of hand pleating and lacing, which requires a steady hand and eye for detail, takes more than 2 hours for each BuzziPleat LED.

    You will definitely make a statement by hanging this acoustic lighting solution that marries sound control and illumination. It can be fitted with a frosted glass globe for a decorative effect or with a reflector for more direct lighting. 

    The collection includes two models, BuzziPleat Ripple, and BuzziPleat Edel. Both available in a select range of BuzziFelt colors, providing both variety and fun.

    Despite its small footprint, the architectural folds maximize surface area, delivering excellent acoustic performance. The folds trap mid and low tones and help keep sound waves from bouncing back and forth on hard surfaces. Combine different suspension heights to prevent sound traveling in large spaces with high ceilings.

    • Design by 13&9 Design
    • Models: Edel | Ripple
    • BuzziFelt shade
    • LED light source
    • Wattage 32W (EU) | 19W (US)
    • Input voltage: 220-240V (EU) | 110V-120V/277V (US)
    • Input freq. 50/60 Hz Lumen
    • Output: 1500 lumen (LED Light Source)
    • Color Temperature: 3000K
    • Dimmable: 1-10V Protocol (DALI on request)
    • IP20 Dry usage


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