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BuzziSpace BuzziSkin Printed Felt Acoustic Wallpaper

  • Life is too short for boring walls! Enliven your white space with this bold wallpaper while enhancing the acoustics. It’s a win-win.

    Ideal to brighten up corners and nooks with a pinch of creativity. The tackable surface offers the possibility to personalize walls with notes and images. The self-adhesive backing of the skin rolls makes installation very easy.

    Despite its small footprint, the large surface provides excellent absorption capabilities. It is the perfect solution for reducing speech and high tones in a space, e.g. ringtones and typing sounds.

    • Design by Sas Adriaenssens
    • Front: BuzziSkin
    • Back: Self-adhesive 
    • Roll: 10 m x 0,98 m | 393.70” x 38.58”
    • Thickness: 6 mm + 0,1 mm self-adhesive | 0.24” + 0.04” self-adhesive
    • 1000g/sqm | 29.49oz/sqyd
    • We do not recommend installing BuzziSkin on the ceiling or the floor or any glass surfaces.
    • BuzziSkin is not suitable as a seating surface because it will become fluffy.
    • Treat the surface with water-based primer before applying BuzziSkin for optimal adhesion results.
    • BuzziSkin cannot be applied on vinyl or any other plasticized surface.


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