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BuzziSpace BuzziTotem Freestanding Upholstered Acoustic Pillar

  • Say hello to this playful, freestanding acoustic pillar, available in three models and a range of 3D statement patterns. No matter the model, the soft edges help diffuse sounds while the upholstered acoustic foam body absorbs sound. 

    Easily fit this standing, architectural element into corners to trap sound waves in offices, residential settings, or hospitality areas. Want to move your BuzziTotem around? Pick up some optional wheels for the baseplate.

    Turn your BuzziTotem into a conversation starter and statement piece with one of the new 3D patterns, ranging from geometric to biophilic shapes. BuzziTotem is a high-performance acoustic solution and thanks to the vast range of fabrics offered, BuzziTotem can become a true design feature.

    • Models: BuzziTotem Wedge | Beam | Cylinder
    • Filling: Acoustic foam + Plywood, MDF, Pinewood
    • Pattern: Flat or 3D Fabrics Flat: Fabric, Trevira CS+|CS, Revive 1, Clara 2, Remix 3, Velvet, Hero, Tonus 4, Memory 2 Fabrics 3D: Fabric, Trevira CS+|CS, Revive 1, Clara 2, Remix 3, Hero, Tonus 4, Memory 2


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