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Hospitals and healthcare centres are spaces where sensitive care and consideration may be administered in a secure environment. Designing to high acoustic standards is a crucial part of achieving this outcome, as these spaces must provide sufficient noise mitigation between areas to ensure that surgery rooms are isolated from outer noise which could distract care professionals, doctor’s offices from sound transfer to adjacent rooms to preserve confidentiality, and private rooms sheltered from street noise which could otherwise result in severe sleep deprivation for both patients as well as staff, and unnecessary extension of recovery times. It must also make sure that public announcements are clearly intelligible through adequate sound reflection control. For hygiene reasons, surfaces are often hard and reflective which gives rise to a noisy environment that may be detrimental to patient recovery, staff well-being. Special acoustic absorptive finishes can be selected to ensure that surfaces are both easily cleaned as well as help to control those unwanted reflections and make a more comforting place to visit, work and recover in.

Laboratories require outstanding acoustic design to protect staff focus and concentration as accuracy Is of paramount importance to achieve legitimate results. This may be seriously compromised If the environment Is not protected from distraction sounds from adjacent rooms. Because of exposure to loud machinery, rest areas of quiet are needed.  Also underground vibration may lead to calibration drifts in the equipment being used.

Click here to view the Acoustics Academy  – Glossary of Acoustic Concepts & Parameters

Glossary of Acoustic Terms

The Acoustics Academy Glossary of Acoustics Concepts & Parameters