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BlockO Acoustic Meeting Pod

  • BlockO is a perfect circle in a world of squares.‎ Functional yet beautiful, pragmatic yet distinct, simple yet sophisticated.‎ Reinvigorate your interior space and refresh your senses in an open office, lobby, school, airport or library with the flowing and soothing design of BlockO.‎ A perfect booth for up to four people, where work and meetings take place in a more private setting and where you can focus without distraction.‎

    Eye-catching design and safety are brought together in a BlockO.‎ Disinfection lighting and an antimicrobial coating destroy viruses and bacteria from its surfaces.‎ The exterior comes with a choice of wooden veneer finishes or Fenix laminate options, matched expertly with the perfect color of a Slalom Eco Felt interior.‎

  • Frame:

    • 27 mm thick wooden veneer (various finishing options)
    • 2x stainless steel thresholds
    • Adjustable legs

    Exterior Shell:

    • Slalom Eco Felt or 4 mm thick wooden veneer


    • Slalom Eco Felt
    • Table: FENIX lamination with ANTIMICROBIAL COATING
    • Power socket including 2x USB charging-ports
    • DISINFECTION LIGHTING with motion sensor
    • Removable seat- and back cushions


    • Height: 215 cm
    • Width: 213 cm
    • Depth: 110 cm



Sound Made Simple

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