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Rockfon Mono® Acoustic Seamless Acoustic Ceiling

  • Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceiling solution is a high-quality, seamless, monolithic design solution with a refined surface that delivers outstanding acoustic comfort. Made with marble powder the render produces a smooth, sophisticated surface that perfectly complements any interior design. 

    With Rockfon Mono Acoustic you can pair great acoustics with an artistic interior design. Flat or curved, bright white or coloured, ceilings or walls, it brings great seamless acoustic design to spaces of any size. The completely seamless system allows for easy integration of all services and the possibility to repair the surface.


    • A seamless acoustic ceiling providing Class A sound absorption
    • Fire safety: A2-s1,d0 limited combustibility
    • Provides a luxurious acoustic feel for high end projects
    • Used to create flat, curved or geometric shapes 
    • Discreet acoustics suitable for heritage or conservation projects
    • Option to fix directly to the soffit for open plenum ceilings
    • Easy to install and to integrate services
    • Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Bronze 
    • White or coloured renders available



Sound Made Simple

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