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Acoustic Academy

Vetrospace L Acoustic Office Pod

  • Spacious enough to act as a large meeting room or a customer service point, the VETROSPACE L pod is a comfortable, soundproof space for up to six people that will keep everyone feeling refreshed and ready to work. You can design and furnish this acoustic office pod according to your needs from a variety of options. 


    • Dimensions:
      • W310 / D210 /H240 cm
      • W122 / D82.7 / H94.5 in
    • 1 - 6 people
    • Best in class soundproofing
    • Automated, smart CO2-controlled ventilation allowing continuous use
    • Plug and play, ready for use straight after installation
    • ISO 7 class indoor air quality (IAQ) performance
    • Antimicrobial LED lighting 
    • Patented, dual-panel sliding door
    • Easy access for people with mobility limitations
    • Long lifecycle thanks to professional build quality and industrial-grade components


Sound Made Simple

Acoustics Academy’s Sound Made Simple guide clarifies complex acoustic terminology with insights to design with sound.