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The NBS Webinar - 'Third Party Certification Explained'

NBS Webinar - Third Party Certification Explained

With Simon Gosling, CMO, Quiet Mark


NBS events and webinars are an invaluable resource for construction professionals. NBS recently surveyed RIBA CPD Users asking what they would most like to see in a webinar. Amongst the top requests were:

  1. Technical Product Information (88%)

  2. Guidance to help you specify products confidently (78%)

  3. Information about Third Party Certifications (61%)

So, in response to that demand, on Tuesday 14th June, 2022, NBS held a webinar titled, ‘Third Party Certification Explained’, and kindly invited Quiet Mark to be on a panel, alongside the Centre for Assessment and  British Board of Agrement (BBA). 

Last December, NBS and Quiet Mark announced an new partnership to empower architects to specify ‘acoustics first’, by providing a short-cut for specifiers to source responsible products. Their aim being to elevate the aural design of buildings, optimising the overall level of acoustic comfort for occupants.


 Image - At 39 mins, our CMO & Podcast Host, Simon Gosling, presents Quiet Mark. 

You can view the Webinar HERE

Webinar details

In today’s construction industry, it’s vital that specifications are robust and accurately reflect the safety and sustainable requirements of a project. As a result, more and more specifiers rely on third-party certification when selecting products, materials, and systems. 

Certification gives manufacturers an advantage in a competitive sector as certified products provide reassurance to specifiers that any performance claims have been independently verified.

In this webinar, NBS’ Head of Manufacturer Solutions, Lee Jones, will explain which certificates are being sought through the specification process and why they're so important. Lee will also be joined by experts from the Centre for Assessment as well as NBS partners Quiet Mark and the British Board of Agrément (BBA) to discuss the requirements manufacturers must meet in order get their products certified.


Lee Jones, Head of Manufacturer Solutions at NBS

Simon Gosling, Chief Marketing Officer at Quiet Mark 

Graeme Yeo, Business Development Manager at Centre for Assessment

Jason Harries, British Board of Agrement (BBA)

Enjoy the Webinar HERE