Find Your Quiet with LG's Quiet Mark Certified Kitchen Appliances worth £4,000

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Quiet House

Quiet House

Just one year after Quiet Mark’s launch in 2012, the 'quiet concept' quickly captured the imagination of the public, with the Quiet House headline feature at the 2013 Ideal Home Exhibition in Earls Court, London.

Each day long queues formed as consumers wanted to see the tangible reality of the Quiet House made possible by many of the early adopter leading quiet tech brands. The House highlighted quiet technology as a trend that is being realised today proving it was not just a futuristic dream. 

Spanning across over 35 product categories, the Quiet Mark awarded products within the Quiet House were validated as a selection of the quietest technology and solutions currently available on the market. Each room had been given a sound makeover which demonstrated that with quieter high-performance products, the application of sound insulation, isolation and noise absorbing solutions, homeowners could reduce unwanted noise, completely transforming their home into a more supportive healthy domestic soundscape.

The combined noise levels of the products, appliances and sound absorption solutions in the Quiet House were estimated to reduce decibel levels to under 40dB and make an average reduction of decibel levels or improved sound quality between 5-25dB per appliance, depending on product category. Even a few less decibels can make a big difference to the layering of sound experienced in the home environment.