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8 best light-up alarm clocks to wake up your 2023 morning routine

8 best light-up alarm clocks to wake up your 2023 morning routine

If you struggle to rise and shine on a dark morning, try one of these bedside gadgets - writes Siobhan Grogan in a feature which includes two Quiet Mark certified models by Lumie available on our site.

“Alarm clocks that mimic sunrise could be the secret to stirring gently, so your body can acclimatise gradually to waking up. It could even make a difference to how well you feel for the rest of the day. One recent study found that being woken suddenly by an alarm and then hitting snooze may be making us chronically tired as this process disrupts our natural sleep cycle. The research revealed it’s far less stressful for the body to wake naturally, which a light-up alarm will enable you to do every morning" says Siobhan, in The Independent.

Read the full article on The Independent website here.


Lumie bodyclock luxe 750DAB

This clock does almost everything except wake you up with a cup of tea. It doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, has a USB port to charge your phone and is the only product we tested with a DAB+ radio rather than an FM one. Easily the most advanced product we tested but also the fiddliest to operate, it’s fairly large, so you’ll need to make sure you have space on your bedside table. We liked the fact the trim comes in different colours – including blossom pink, paprika red and the classy sage green we tested – to match every décor.

As with all Lumie’s light-therapy products, this one is certified by Quiet Mark, an independent programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society to prioritise the noise reduction of everyday machines. That said, you don’t need to rely on just the light to wake you up. There’s a whopping 33 sounds to wake up or go to sleep with, including a chirping blackbird, a rushing waterfall and even the sound of a ping pong ball. We definitely didn’t need a noise to wake us up, though, as the light is very bright and mimics the colours of a real sunrise. We definitely felt less groggy every morning too – even our children commented we seemed more awake than usual. If you dread the sound of the alarm each day, it’s worth the splurge.


Lumie zest SAD and wake-up light

This clock might not be crammed with extra functions but it’s incredibly effective at doing what you need it to – that is, waking you up gently with a light rather than an awful noise. Small, slim and Quiet Mark certified, it’s one of the easiest clocks to find room for on a crowded beside table. It would also be ideal to take away when travelling, to help combat jet lag. No need to worry that the light won’t wake you either – this one is seriously bright, with a UV-free, blue-enriched white LED bulb that has five levels. By the time we’d finally opened our eyes, our whole room was bathed in light, so it felt much easier to hop out of bed than normal.

There is an optional alarm beep, if you need it (you won’t), but it’s not the most pleasant sound to wake to. There’s also a snooze button but it’s unlikely you’ll ever need it, as the light is so bright. Best of all, it’s certified as a medical device to treat SAD, so can be used during the day for a blast of much-needed daylight.


Read the full article on The Independent website here.