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Futureproofing Your Kitchen


A well-designed kitchen is a huge asset to your home for both practical and aesthetic reasons. This article, originally published in Grand Designs Magazine (November 2023 issue), explores how to futureproof your kitchen and the benefit of investing in quality appliances that won't disturb the peace.


Above: photo by Bosch

A well-designed kitchen is a huge asset to your home for both practical and aesthetic reasons. So whether you are creating a new scheme from scratch or just updating an existing set-up, it’s a project that represents a big investment in time, money and effort. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and consider how you are likely to use the space in the years to come. 

Designing your kitchen so that it meets your immediate and future needs is key to ensuring your investment stands the test of time, and choosing quality appliances is an essential part of this process. When making your selection it’s also important to avoid models that produce excessive noise. 

Quiet Mark is the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (NAS). Its website lists the quietest appliances available on the market across a wide range of categories, helping you find designs that are suitable for creating a peaceful home. 

In early 2023, Quiet Mark announced its partnership with independent appliance retailer Appliance City, which joined the alliance of retailers helping customers find the quietest products.  

As one of the UK’s largest and most trusted independent appliance retailers, with more than 30,000 verified Trustpilot reviews rated as excellent, plus over 35 years of experience, Appliance City delivers to customers across the country. It also offers expert advice by phone and in its Nottingham showroom, and supplies Quiet Mark-certified brands such as Bosch, NEFF and Siemens. 


Hushed Appliances

More than 70 Bosch products including cooker hoods, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and fridge-freezers have been awarded the Quiet Mark certification. The WKD28543GB washer dryer spins at 72 dB, the DWB98JQ50B Series 6 wall-mounted cooker hood operates at 55dB, the SMS6ZDW48G Series 6 freestanding dishwasher runs at 42dB and the KIS87AFE0G operates at just 36dB. 

Considering that normal conversation takes place at around 60dB, it’s clear that these noise-conscious products have been manufactured with your health and wellbeing in mind, keeping avoidable sound pollution to a minimum.


No Noise Laundry

A closer look at the WKD28543GB washer dryer reveals programmes to suit every laundry need. Auto Dry ensures clothes are dried to your requirements, using moisture sensors to protect the garments from high temperatures and over-drying. Super Quick 15 is a speedy wash cycle that cleans up to 2kg of laundry in just 15 minutes. And the Quiet Wash setting reduces the spin cycle rpm without sacrificing performance.


Above: For speed and high performance choose the Bosch WKD28543GB washer dryer


Quiet, clean air 

You can cook in peace while eliminating any lingering odours with the Bosch DWB98JQ50B Series 6 wall-mounted cooker hood. It has an efficient and durable Eco Silence Drive ™ motor that makes the extractor extremely quiet. You and your guests will barely hear a thing while cooking smells and steam are removed from the kitchen. 

Silently sparkling dishes

When you unload the dishwasher, some dishes, particularly plastic ones, may still be wet. But the PerfectDry dishwashers from Bosch ensure excellent drying results using technology that turns humidity into warm air without using extra energy. The quietest way to run it is with a silence programme that reduces noise to the lowest possible levels.


Above: Enjoy drip-free results with the Bosch PerfectDry SMS6ZDW48G free-standing dishwasher


Cool and acoustic comfort

Hidden behind cabinet doors, the KIS87AFE0G built-in fridge freezer keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer thanks to its VitaFresh Plus drawer. LED lighting and glass shelves allow you to find items quickly and easily. Even better, this integrated design is also Quiet Mark certified, meaning it won’t be seen or heard.


Above: Bosch KIS87AFE0G Integrated Fridge Freezer Dishwasher 


Powerful yet silent extraction

With a rich product heritage, NEFF has been on a mission since 1877 to develop, innovate and perfect its appliances because the kitchen is the heart of every home, a space where we gather to eat everyday meals and prepare food for special occasions.

The stylish range of cooker hoods from NEFF combine power and performance with silent running, and can coordinate with your interior scheme or create a bold and striking stand-out feature in their own right. 

While some extractors are designed to be hidden, NEFF supplies some stunning hoods that make a statement. The NEFF D96BMV5N5B 90cm chimney hood is modern and sleek, finished in stainless steel and black glass. It has three speed settings and two intensive modes, all operated with electronic controls for ease of use. 

Although powerful, this cooker hood has special acoustic insulation and an efficient low-noise drive motor that’s designed to make your cooking space more peaceful. When you require an ultra-quiet kitchen, simply select the Silence Button.

You can also alter the room’s ambience with this hood, setting the lighting to suit your mood via the handy dimmer function. This whisper-quiet hood keeps your kitchen free of cooking odours and steam, allowing you to focus on enhancing your culinary skills without any distractions.


Above: Neff D96BMV5N5B Wall Mounted Cooker Hood

Smart and quiet

With the increase in demand for quieter appliances also comes the expectation of smart connectivity. And, due to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, most households already have some smart gadgets. Siemens dishwashers with Home Connect are here to help. Thanks to their partnership with Amazon Alexa, you can control your smart dishwasher via the Home Connect app or your smart speaker. Cleverly designed to fit under  a worksurface and behind a door,  

The Siemens SN87YX03CE has lots of impressive features. The Intelligent Programme allows you to rate your dishwasher’s performance via the Home Connect App, adjusting its settings according to your feedback for a customised wash cycle. Speed up drying and use less electricity with Zeolith ™ technology, which involves a compartment filled with natural minerals to absorb moisture and emit heat. 

Not only will this dishwasher provide sparkling dishes, it will also do so at an extremely quiet setting so you can enjoy after-dinner drinks without being interrupted by a noisy wash cycle. This model is Quiet Mark certified so you can rest assured it is one of the lowest-noise dishwashers on the market. Equipped with a Quiet Mark search function, the Appliance City website lets you browse through a range of certified models, including products by Bosch, Siemens and NEFF. Or view the Quiet Mark online directory to check before you buy.


Above: Ensure a peaceful kitchen with the fully integrated Siemens SN87YX03CE iQ700 Built-in Dishwasher


Read the original article 'Future proofing your kitchen' in the November 2023 print edition or the online edition of Grand Designs Magazine.