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It’s Hotting Up! A Quiet Fan Could Be VERY Handy!

It’s Hotting Up! A Quiet Fan Could Be VERY Handy!

Image: The Duux Whisper Flex Smart Wireless Fan - Black, on the VERY site, prominently showing the Quiet Mark. 

Following the sunny Easter weekend in the UK, the papers were filled with ‘Best Fan’ Polls and reviews. Such as this recent feature, ‘The best fans for summer 2022, recommended by experts and tested at home’, in The Telegraph on the 21st April, 2022, in which 3 of their 5 recommended products, by Meaco, Devola and Duux, are Quiet Mark Certified. 

The Duux Whisper Flex Smart Wireless Fan was listed in that Telegraph feature as their ‘Best Smart Fan’, and is just one of 5 Duux fans prominently featuring the Quiet Mark logo on their product pages on

Image: Duux prominently feature the Quiet Mark certification of their products, including their heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and fans, (shown here)


A couple of years ago, VERY became one of Quiet Mark’s special network of Retail Partners. By highlighting the distinctive Quiet Mark logo, as a trusted symbol, our partners are enabling buyers to make a more informed choice about quieter high-performance products and materials they will share their lives with. This is a powerful example of collective customer care to combat stress-related noise in the built environment - an important health and environment issue.

At the time of the announcement of our partnership, Victoria Aldrich, Head of Category Home Appliances at Shop Direct said,

“We’re very pleased to be entering into partnership with Quiet Mark, making it even easier for our four million and customers to quickly find products with quiet technology and create a more peaceful environment in their home. We already sell numerous Quiet Mark-accredited products from big brands including Dyson, Samsung, Magimix and LG, and we’re looking to further expand these ranges.”

Find out more about the wide range of Quiet Mark certified products on, HERE.