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Shhh…need some quiet in your kitchen?

Shhh…need some quiet in your kitchen?

Quiet Mark CEO, Poppy Szkiler on the How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom podcast, brought to you by

In July 2022, Lindsay Blair, Editor Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine and invited Quiet Mark CoFounder & CEO, Poppy Szkiler to guest on the podcast she host: How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom

About the episode:

Can’t hear yourself think over the sound of the washing machine on its spin cycle? Kettle too loud? Extractor drowning out conversation? Enter: quiet appliances.

Lindsay Blair from These Three Rooms is on a mission to discover how the products we put into our kitchens can have an impact on how we feel in our homes. With noise a proven contributor to stress, she talks to Poppy Szkiler, CoFounder and CEO of Quiet Mark on how we can live better by considering how much noise our spaces make. From thinking about the beeps and whirrs of appliances to the sound level of our fixtures and fittings, Poppy has interesting insights into how we can lead a more peaceful life.

Curious? Give this one a listen!






About the How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom Podcast By These Three Rooms:

Want to know what really goes into planning the perfect kitchen or bathroom? Welcome to How To Buy A Kitchen Or Bathroom, the podcast brought to you by

Whether you’re just starting to think about what your dream space could look like, or are right in the thick of planning, or you simply want to know how to confidently buy those all-important fixtures, fittings and finishing touches – from hobs and lighting to a freestanding bath and the right paint – you’re in the right place. 

Join Lindsay Blair, editor of and Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine as she chats to those in the know about the ins and outs of getting the kitchen and bathroom you really want. In each episode, Lindsay uncovers how to buy a kitchen or bathroom, sharing those clever nuggets of advice along the way.