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The affordable way to install heat pumps in older homes

Image: The Quiet Mark certified Daikin Altherma 3 H HT Heat Pump

The affordable way to install heat pumps in older homes

By Martina Lees Senior Writer at The Times

The barriers to cheaply installing this green form of heating are coming down, even in period properties. 

Packed with helpful information the piece includes:

You can get a £5,000 government grant to replace your gas boiler with a heat pump. Heal chose not to apply because the scheme requires you to fit the heat pump at least 1m away from the plot boundary, or get planning permission to install it any closer. The 1m rule is a relic of noisier older heat pumps, even though many are now Quiet Mark certified and no louder than a fridge. The rule is "no longer fit for purpose", Heal says. But it meant the machine would have taken up too much of their small courtyard garden, Heal adds. For a planning application to fit it next to the fence, a consultant quoted him over £2,000.


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