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The Wonder Cure of Acoustic Windows

Internorm KS 430 uPVC-Aluminium Lift & Slide Door - one of several Internorm glazing solutions to have achieved Quiet Mark certification

The Wonder Cure of Acoustic Windows

By Editorial Team at Architecture Magazine

Quiet Mark share their expertise on specifiying window and door products that will support high-quality acoustics for projects.

Glazing and Doors are key elements in helping control the spread of sound in buildings, both from external environmental sounds, but also from sounds generated inside a building spreading to other sensitive areas.

In addition to selecting the best performing acoustic windows and doors, choosing the quietest window treatments such as motorised and manual curtain tracks and blinds can help optimise acoustic comfort in any type of environment.

Quiet Mark is the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (est.1959). Through scientific testing and assessment Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in multiple categories spanning many sectors, including: home appliances and technology, building sector materials and commercial sector products.

Quiet Mark’s Acoustic Academy, available via their website, provides a free to use, online guide of expertly verified leading acoustic solutions for every building application area. Amongst the many solutions listed, such as walls, flooring, ceiling systems, ventilation and insulation products, you’ll also find a range of glazing, door and window treatments.

Internorm KF 520 uPVC-Aluminium Triple Glazed Window – One of several window and door solutions listed on Quiet Mark’s Acoustic Academy platform of verified acoustic solutions for every application area.


Internorm is Europe’s leading, award-winning window brand for self-build and renovation projects, dedicated to providing bespoke and innovative, low energy window and door systems with outstanding acoustic performance. The new generation of Quiet Mark certified KF520 windows from Internorm, pictured below, offer sound reduction of up to 46bB, with a perfect combination of innovative design and technical know- how. With a glass sash and a slimline frame, the design evokes the look of fixed windows, and they can let more natural light into your home. Also, your new window will feature the revolutionary I-tec secure locking mechanism. Hidden in the window sash, this locking system makes levering the window almost impossible.

Andreas Simmer, Managing Director at Internorm UK says, “Noise is all around us and as more residential developments are squeezed into the tightest of available spaces, we are all exposed to increased noise pollution, not just from the outside but also inside the home”.

“Internorm has manufactured triple glazed windows and doors since 1979, recognising that dedicated high performance windows will not just deliver outstanding thermal efficiency and enhanced security but also greatly improve the acoustic performance. Creating a quieter, more relaxed living space contributes greatly to improving overall wellbeing and a better night’s sleep”.

Lift-sliding doors are the perfect link between inside and outside. The extra low threshold of Internorm’s KS 430 uPVC-Aluminium Lift & Slide Door, (pictured top of page), ensures comfortable passing and is best suited for barrier-free construction. Toughened panes as standard, offering sound reduction up to 43 dB, protect from injury with glass breakage and handle dampening as standard ensures smooth handle return. If the lift-sliding door is combined with fixed glazing, large glass areas are created which make your rooms appear even more impressive and spacious (upon request also available with sash imitation).

“Unless you live next to a busy road or airport, acoustic performance might not always be the main reason for choosing windows. However, it is quite often the one aspect that gets mentioned by customers as a surprise benefit when living with Internorm windows. So, whether you live in a busy urban area or quiet rural setting, cutting the noise with triple glazing will bring huge benefits to the quality of life within your home”, adds Andreas.

Silent Gliss Motorised Roller Blind Systems – Quiet Mark has certified models: SG 4960, SG 4970 & SG 4880


Silent Gliss is the leading global supplier of premium interior window treatments. Since 1952 they have been tirelessly committed to the development of the world’s smoothest, quietest systems using state of the art technology, which have recently achieved Quiet Mark certification.

They are the leading supplier of motorised and manual curtain tracks and blinds to the high end market. The product range includes acoustic fabrics, roller blinds, curtain tracks, curtain poles, sliding panels, roman blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blinds, skylight shading, dim-out blinds, room dividers and hospital cubicle tracks.

Efficient and quiet, Silent Gliss motorised roller blinds and curtain tracks feature virtually silent operation, programmable intermediate stops and a built-in safety stop if the movement is interrupted. Their wide range of systems accommodate shading for all types and sizes of windows and glazed areas.

Sam Shervill, Marketing Manager at Silent Gliss UK, says, “With our increasing preference for hard surfaces on our floors and walls, we are at risk of internal noise overload. The installation of curtains and blinds at windows significantly improves room acoustics by providing a soft, sound-absorbing surface. When designing window treatments with acoustic properties there are two important considerations – hardware and fabric”.

“Acoustic performance relies on a holistic design approach, we liken it to a recipe – where each ingredient adds something to the end product! Silent Gliss consider the individual components used in their systems to reduce operational noise. From our patented two-component gliders with a soft, silent inner layer, to a paint formula that minimises friction. Even the brushless, silent motors we use for our automated systems. Each element is designed to contribute to the overall acoustic performance of our systems”.

Silent Gliss Motorised Roller Blind Systems – Quiet Mark has certified models: SG 4960, SG 4970 & SG 4880


Adding a layer of fabric at a window instantly reduces noise reverberation, thereby improving speech intelligibility. Curtains offer the highest acoustic benefit due to the larger surface area, but even a roller blind will have a noticeable acoustic effect. The design and structure of the fabric is important, Silent Gliss offer fabrics which are woven to offer high acoustic attributes balanced with our need for natural light. Fabrics such as Colorama Acoustic have transparency levels that allow soft diffused daylight, a view, and a comfortable room ambience. Whether for the home or work, curtains and blinds are an effective way of providing a decorative solution to sound absorption.”

When it comes to acoustic fabrics, The Silent Gliss Collection sets itself apart by considering both the fabric’s texture and technical features.

They offer a wide range of fabrics, styles and colours that balance function and design across all of their window treatment systems. This includes fabrics with special functions such as acoustic performance, superior light management and antimicrobial and antibacterial properties for healthcare environments.

‘Laser Cut’ is one of several fabric specialities listed on In addition to Silent Gliss Vertical Waves, (designed by Eva Marmbrandt), other laser-cut patterns and shapes can be achieved on roller blind, panel glide and curtain systems. Laser cuts are available on their fabrics which are proven to be suitable. As standard Silent Gliss offers an exclusive laser cut design for Vertical Wave using the fabrics Multi Shadow and Multi Visio, pictured above.

All of their fabrics are flame retardant and have been extensively tested on their systems to ensure consistent hanging behaviour. With such a wide choice, you can be sure to find the perfect fabric for your needs.


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