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What is Your Top Consideration When You're Looking to Buy a New Kettle?

On 6th August 2020, Dualit ran a Twitter Poll asking, What is your top consideration when you're looking to buy a new kettle?

Given options of Speed, Quiet, Capacity and Repairability, Quiet came top with 50% of the vote!

When announcing the results of the poll, Dualit said:

Really interesting to see these results! If a quiet #kettle is top of the agenda, our Classic model has been awarded the Quiet Mark so you can be assured it's one of the quietest you can buy!

The Dualit Classic Kettle is Quiet Mark Certified and can be found HERE.

Dualit's How to Buy the Right Kettle Buyer Guide can be found on their website HERE.



Quiet was another important factor in the recent BBC Good Food Dishwasher Buyers Guide. This year, they rallied the BBC Good Food community with a survey distributed across their website, newsletter and social media channels to establish peoples favourite dishwasher brands, usage and purchase drivers.

They received 1,264 responses, 16% of whom said that Quiet Mark certification was a key purchase decision making factor.

More about that guide can be seen HERE.