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Episode 3: BIOPHILIC ACOUSTICS - Oliver Heath - Oliver Heath Design

Episode 3: Oliver Heath - Oliver Heath Design


In Episode 3 of The Quiet Mark PodcastBiophilic Designer & BBC DIYSOS team-member, Oliver Heath chats with Simon Gosling about Biophilic Acoustics - what nature can teach us about sound design & how a connection with nature can improve wellbeing.

They recorded 2 conversations for this episode. The first at Oliver's Brighton studio, just before lockdown, soon after he had delivered a Masterclass at the launch of our - a new online platform to further equip and empower architects, builders and designers with a guide to expertly verified leading acoustic solutions for every building application area.

The second was in early May, wk. 5 of lockdown, via video-call, in which Oliver shares useful Biophilic WFH tips, on how to bring nature into our homes and improve productivity.

Oliver mentions the benefits of taking Photon Showers and the pleasures of Shinrin-Yoku, the Japanese art of Forest Bathing. Coincidentally, Shinrin Yoku is a practise featured in the critical-hit feature film documentary, In Pursuit of Silence, Exec Produced by Quiet Mark CEO Poppy Szkiler. Quiet Mark co-produced, then funded & delivered the UK & German markets cinema release distribution & promotion of this film by director Patrick Shen.