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Episode 42: Eco-Friendly Acoustics- Creating spaces that are kind to our ears and to our planet!

Episode 42: Eco-Friendly Acoustics - Creating spaces that are kind to our ears and to our planet!

Together, building and construction are responsible for 39 per cent of all carbon emissions in the world. To meet the UK government’s commitment to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050, the building industry has a big role to play, requiring radical cuts in emissions from construction and operation.

Our guest on this episode of The Quiet Mark Podcast is Nigel Burton, Director of Acoustics at Temple, Board Member at The Association of Noise Consultants and Member of the London Branch of the IOA Institute of Acoustics

Our host, Simon Gosling, asks Nigel how he brings sustainability to his specification decisions when sourcing acoustic products to suit his designs and recommendations. Nigel also raises the case for choosing refurbishment over new build.

Temple are leaders in the field of built and natural environments and creating sustainable futures. By forming inclusive alliances with their clients, associates, other environment, planning and sustainability experts, they make a meaningful environmental and social difference together and offer an authentic, unrivalled service. 

Quiet Mark is one of several 3rd Party Certification filters that Specifiers can now use when making product decisions on our partner’s platform, NBS Source. By selecting Quiet Mark and various sustainability certification filters, when sourcing products, we’re helping to make it easier for developers to create healthier buildings which enhance occupant's wellbeing, whilst also being kind to the planet.