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Episode 43: Find Your Quiet Place - with Gregory Scott - Founder at SoundPrint

Episode 43: Find Your Quiet Place - with Gregory Scott - Founder at SoundPrint

Followers of Quiet Mark's social media channels will have seen a news feature that we recently shared by Caroline Davies & Harry Taylor in The Guardian,  titled: ‘It’s atmosphere’: is noise of London’s restaurants just part of the charm?

The piece stated that "the capital’s restaurants are the loudest in Europe, and second only to San Francisco worldwide. A random survey by SoundPrint, a global app measuring noise levels, found 80% of 1,350 London restaurants were too loud for conversation".

On tagging that post, Quiet Mark was immediately contacted by SoundPrint's Director of Marketing, Sharon Cohen Bunkin who then enjoyed a call with Quiet Mark CMO & Host of The Quiet Mark PodcastSimon Gosling, to discover more about one another's companies.

In this episode we enjoy a conversation with Gregory Scott, Founder at SoundPrint, an app that not only shows you how loud a restaurant is before you book, it also allows you to take your own sound measurements and write your own sound reviews, enabling restaurateurs to address noise complaints that could be loosing them business and repeat custom.

In Spring 2018, Scott launched SoundPrint. The app, which has now achieved 170k downloads, has a built-in meter that measures sound levels for at least 15 seconds, recording levels in real time, as well average and maximum decibels.

Download the app here:

Loud restaurants aren't just annoying — they could be hazardous to our health. According to the World Health Organization, anyone exposed to sound levels over 85 decibels for more than eight hours could be at risk of hearing loss. This is about the same sound level as a leaf blower or gas-powered lawn mower.