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Dreamland Silent Power Comfort Fan Heater

  • Experience the ultimate in enveloping and immediate heat with Silent Power® Comfort. Silent Power® Comfort is ideal for rapidly warming medium-sized rooms. With its 2100 W of power, the warmth is immediately all-encompassing and instant. Designed for practicality and convenience, its sleek build and integrated carrying handle make it easy to carry and store. The adjustable room thermostat lets you select and maintain your desired temperature effortlessly. Choose from four versatile functions - warm air, hot air, rapid heating, and cool air- ensuring you stay cozy and content throughout the seasons. 

    • Silent Power® Technology
    • Quick heating
    • 4 functions: warm air, hot air, rapid heating, cool air
    • Antifreeze function
    • Convenient to move and store
    • Double protection device
    • 2 Year Guarantee
    • Dimensions 25x30x16.8cm
    • Voltage 220 - 240V
    • Frequency 50Hz
    • Power 1765 - 2100W
    • Mains Power
    • Cable length 1.3m
    • Black colour
    • Weight 1.75kg

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