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Dreamland Silent Power Eco Fan Heater

  • Experience unparalleled heat with Silent Power Eco, powered by Dreamland's exclusive ECO TECHNOLOGY that revolutionises warmth while conserving energy consumption. By intelligently combining heat and temperature, this innovative technology ensures maximum comfort while delivering an impressive 35% energy savings compared to traditional fan heaters*.
    *Compared to Dreamland Compact Air fan heater.

    • Silent Power® Technology
    • Quick heating
    • 4 functions: ECO mode, hot air, rapid heating, cool air
    • Antifreeze function
    • Degree of protection IP21: suitable for humid environments
    • Drip and dust proof lid
    • 2 Year Guarantee
    • Dimensions 22x32x21cm
    • Voltage 220 - 240V
    • Frequency 50Hz
    • Power 1765 - 2100W
    • Mains Power
    • Cable length 1.3m
    • Grey/guacamole green colour
    • Weight 2.25kg

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