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Siemens KI86NADD0 Integrated Fridge Freezer

    • noFrost – Never defrost your freezer again.
    • autoAirflow – Ideal air circulation for even cooling at all levels, maintaining longer freshness.
    • LED light – Even lighting throughout the inside of your fridge to keep everything in view.
    • Door closes automatically and softly when it is open at a 20° angle or less - Soft closing.
    • superCooling – Reduces the temperature for a set time, to quickly cool down fresh food items.
    • Built-in fridge-freezer with hyperFresh <0°> to keep fruit and vegetables fresh longer and LED lights and freezer.
    • Light for brilliant illumination of the fridge's and freezer interior.
    • iQ500
    • 177.2 x 55.8 cm
    • Soft close flat hinge

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