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Siemens WG54G202GB Washing Machine

    • speedPack L – Speed up your programmes, or wash in just 15 minutes.
    • stainRemoval system – removes four types of stubborn stain without pre-treatment.
    • Our new 10kg Washing machines provide more capacity for your individual laundry needs.
    • Best Energy Efficiency label A - Our most energy-efficient washing machine.
    • Outdoor – Gentle cleaning for water-repellent fabrics, seams and membranes.
    • Outstanding laundry performance with speedPack L for fast washing and automatic stain removal to avoid manual pre-treatment.
    • iQ500
    • Washing machine, front loader
    • 10 kg
    • 1400 rpm

Sound Made Simple

Acoustics Academy’s Sound Made Simple guide clarifies complex acoustic terminology with insights to design with sound.