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PHS Airstream Whisper Hand Dryer

  • The Airstream Whisper (also known as Warner Howard SR800Q) is the perfect solution for locations where noise is a concern. For those washrooms situated close to a classroom, office or quiet restaurant, noise levels need to be managed and reduced. Young children can also become anxious around noisy hand dryers, which makes the Airstream Whisper the ideal fit for primary schools. The low noise combined with the warm dry adds an extra level of comfort and peace of mind. Airstream Whisper is cost effective to run, only £0.09 for 150 dries.

    The outer casing and touchable parts feature antimicrobial protection technology, an additive that prevents the spread of pathogenic germs.

    • Dimensions - 28.2cm x 26cm x 15.2cm
    • Weight - 2.8kg
    • Operation - Automatic
    • Voltage - 230/50Hz
    • Rated Power - 800W
    • Standby Power Rating - 0.7W
    • Motor Speed - 25,000rpm
    • Rating - IP24
    • Finishes - White, Nickel, Black

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