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ATAG iC Economiser Plus Boilers

  • ATAG are so confident in the reliability of their boilers, they offer the longest warranty option on the market of up to 18 years! All boilers come with 10 years warranty as standard.

    You can also save money on your gas bills with the ATAG economiser. Some years ago, ATAG’s design engineers realised there was untapped residual heat left in the waste flue gases when the boiler was being used for hot water. So, they set upon harnessing the wasted energy and the ATAG Economiser was born. The Economiser is now the most efficient boilers in Europe. The boiler wastes minimal energy which saves you money and is kinder to the plant. Not only that, but it is also quiet mark certified meaning it can be place it in any room of your home.

    The ATAG iC Economiser works by capturing waste energy from the flue gases and uses it to pre-heat the mains water to improve hot water production efficiency, saving both heat and money in the process.

    The range includes three boilers: iC Economiser 27 Plus (12.6 litres), iC Economiser 35 Plus (16.1 litres) and iC Economiser 39 Plus (17.0 litres), with flow rates at an impressive 12.6 l/m - 17.0 l/m @ 35°C temp rise – even higher flow rates than a conventional combi.

    • Most efficient boiler in Europe using 96% of the energy it produces, saving money on gas bills!
    • 10 years warranty as standard with industry leading warranty upgrades of up to 18 years
    • 95% of the boiler packaging is recyclable and plastic free
    • Boiler Plus compliant with an ErP rating of ‘A’
    • Lifetime guarantee on the ATAG iCon stainless steel heat exchanger
    • Detailed fault codes on the LCD display for quick, accurate diagnostics
    • Control the system easily via a smartphone or tablet
    • Included weather compensator which allows the boiler to run at optimum efficiency
    • Built-in heat recovery providing a compact energy efficient solution for your heating and hot water
    • Built in frost protection device
    • Compact dimensions: h700 x w440 x d355 (mm)
    • Product code / SKU:
      • Economiser iC27+ = BE200127
      • Economiser iC35+ = BE200135
      • Economiser iC39+ = BE200139

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