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Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pumps

  • From the outset of designing the Warmflow Zeno heat pump it was conceived to be one of the most efficient appliances in its class. Unlike most other heat pumps which produce heat at a fixed output, this heat pump makes use of the latest variable speed compressor technology to produce heat at the rate you need. This gives the heat pump a wide output range and it automatically modulates within this range depending on your heat demands. For ease of installation, the pump and flow switch are conveniently housed within the heat pump casing. This speeds up installation and minimises wiring and plumbing needed on site. 

    The unit also has an inbuilt monitoring system, which monitors flow temperature and system temperatures for easy commissioning. A dedicated wiring centre greatly simplifies connection to external wiring and sensors making this heat pump very easy to install and service. Independent tests have shown its efficiency to be up to 555% at A7W35. This means that for every 1kW of electricity consumed 5.55kW of heat is produced. 

    Warmflow Zeno is available in 3 outputs (2-6kW, 7- 11kW & 12-17kW).

    Model numbers: AS01, AS02 & AS03


    • Variable speed-inverter driven compressor
    • Variable speed, high efficiency pump
    • Electronic controlled expansion valves
    • Designed to run from a standard single-phase domestic electricity supply.
    • User-friendly touchscreen interface
    • Filters and flexi hoses as standard.
    • High Flow heat exchangers with large surface area
    • Flow temperature up to 55ºC means domestic how water

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