Yamaha SILENT Piano

  • Yamaha Silent Pianos are suited to a wide range of applications. The silent practice facility makes them the ideal choice for home use, where individuals can play through headphones while others in the same room watch TV or listen to other music.

    Additionally, thanks to its MIDI interface, Silent Pianos can easily connect to computers and other devices, opening up a world of recording and production opportunities as well as Apps to assist study. For stage use, the silent option offers an unbeatable combination of real piano touch and ultra high quality sampled grand piano sound, which can easily be amplified.

    Yamaha Silent Pianos feature a range of unique technologies that allow them to offer a touch that is astonishingly close to that of an acoustic grand piano even when in “Silent” mode.


    • Silent practice facility
    • MIDI interface
    • Real piano touch

    The Yamaha Silent System is available on all Yamaha pianos and, depending on the model, comes in one of two variants, SG2 or the SH2 System.





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