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BuzziSpace BuzziTab Soft Acoustic Panels

  • A chic reinterpretation of the classic acoustic panel. BuzziTab Soft is a playful acoustic treatment with exceptional sound-absorption capabilities. This chubby wall solution reinterprets the classic acoustic panel, suggesting that acoustics and design do pair. With its friendly appearance, well-rounded corners and edges, BuzziTab Soft breaks the hard surfaces and lines of a space. It lightens and softens walls—all while providing a retro look and feel.

    Play with perspectives and add depth of field with different models, available in various sizes and depths, and choose your favorite color combinations for a distinctive interior. Be creative and mix-and-match different BuzziTab Soft and BuzziKey Soft shapes, depths and hues to create your own dynamic visual display.

    • Design by BuzziSpace Studio
    • Models: BuzziTab Soft Square | Rectangular
    • Wall mounted
    • Back: MDF
    • Filling: Acoustic foam
    • Cover: Fabric, Trevira CS+|CS, Revive 1, Clara 2, Remix 3, Velvet, Hero, Tonus 4, Memory 2
    • Dry Use
    • Assembled
    • Certifications: PEFC/07-32-385

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